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New Allergen Analysis for the Detection of Brazil Nut

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Elisa Test Developed at the Hamburg Competence Centre

Oct 2019. The new ELISA for Brazil nut completed the portfolio: Eurofins now offers analyses for the detection of all allergens regulated in EU Regulation No. 1169/2011.

Outline Data of the Test

The new ELISA is a quantitative test for the detection of Brazil nut with a quantification limit of 4 mg/kg Brazil nut. A very comprehensive and elaborated validation was required prior introduction of the new method. Therefore our experts have already an excellent knowledge on possible challenges of the analysis, e.g. cross reactions, and are able to provide you with specific advice. The method is both suitable for raw products and finished products (e.g. bakery products) and for the control of cleaning measures.

Further Information

Do you have questions about allergen analysis? You will find further information on our page for the analysis of allergens in food. In case of questions regarding the new Brazil nut test or allergen analysis in general, please consult your personal account manager or directly contact the experts of our Competence Centre for allergens at Eurofins Analytik GmbH.