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High Degree of Reliability and Quality in the Analysis of Dioxins And PCBs

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Very Good Ring Test Results Confirm the High Quality Level of Dioxin and Pcb Analysis at Eurofins Gfa Lab Service GmbH

Interlaboratory comparison studies are an outstanding method of external quality assurance for testing laboratories. In principle identical samples are examined with identical or different analytical methods. The comparison of the results makes it possible to testify the measurement accuracy in general or about the quality of the participating institutes.

The competence center for the analysis of dioxins and PCBs within the Eurofins network of laboratories – Eurofins GfA Lab Service GmbH – is ensuring the accuracy and comparability, and thus the quality of the entire analytical portfolio, by taking part in numerous national and international ring trials by renowned ring test organizers for more than 20 years now. Almost 600 participations in interlaboratory comparison studies within this period are indicative of the essential role that these studies will be ascribed to ensure the high quality requirements of the Eurofins’ Competence Center. During the past five years more than 30 ring trials were performed including determination of dioxins and PCBs in matrices being directly related to food and feed. These include, of course, the ring trials of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health ("Folkehelsa Studies”) and the studies of the Reference Laboratory for Dioxins and PCBs in Food and Feed of the European Union which are very well known in the dioxin world. Excerpts from the results of the competence center for the analysis of dioxins and PCBs within the Eurofins lab network – Eurofins GfA Lab Service GmbH –, which were obtained in the studies of the interlaboratory comparison studies in 2016, are shown in the graphic below and are prove of the high quality level of the analytical services.

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Successful participation of Eurofins GfA Lab Services in the Interlaboratory Comparison Studies on Dioxins and PCBs in Food and in Feed of Plant Origin