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Sampling & Analysis of Mycotoxins: Trust Your Dust.

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Representative sampling is the key success factor for the correct assessment of a grain lot for mycotoxins. Because of the often very heterogeneous distribution of Mycotoxins throughout a lot, even single kernels can make a difference. Therefore, a large sample must be taken. Up to now, small samples are withdrawn. Their testing is not sufficient for a significant rating.

With the unique rapidust®  system, even large grain lots can be tested with low measurement errors. The highly contaminated grain dust is tested and not the kernels.

For sampling of the grain dust, two different systems are offered:

  • A safe suction system automatically sifts grain dust emerging at any moving or transporting process. For example, the content of a silo or ship container can be tested when it is filled.
  • Or characteristic grain samples are taken and the grain dust is sieved by means of a robust sieving machine.

Highly reliable results are instantaneously generated which are automatically recalculated for the lot. This enables decisions on the quality of a grain lot wherever and whenever. Only with the rapidust® system, an efficient quality management in the grain trade and processing is enabled.

This enables an efficient quality management in grain trade and processing.

Mycotoxin risk reduction through representative grain dust sampling.
  • Simple, fast and representative sampling for mycotoxins
  • Directly at the lorry, silo, ship or as an in-process control
  • Every lot size can be analysed - whether it is 10 or 50,000 tons
Simple and sensitive on-site analysis for mycotoxins.
  • For grains like maize, wheat and rye
  • No grinding necessary/span>
  • Simple and sensitive strip test
Reliable results for rapid decisions.
  • Certainty on the level of mycotoxins in the entire grain lot within minutes
  • For quick approval and certificates of conformity
  • For intelligent grain management

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