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Analysis of Nanomaterials

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Nanotechnology is regarded as one of the key technologies of the 21st century. Nanomaterials may exhibit different physical, chemical or biological properties compared with the same substances at normal scale. Increasing applications for nanomaterials can be found for example in the fields of food and packagings as well as pharmaceuticals, textiles, and cosmetics.

The analysis of nanomaterials is a challenging task. Currently there is no single method that can determine if a material fulfills the definition of nanomaterials given by the European Commission. As a partner of the EU nanotechnology project "NanoDefine", Eurofins is member of a European expert network for the analysis of nanomaterials.

In its new centre of excellence for nanomaterial testing Eurofins is offering the characterization of nanomaterials in food, packagings, cosmetics, textiles and pharmaceuticals on a project basis.

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