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Quality and Safety of Spices - Eurofins Offers a Complete Spectrum of Analyses

The supply of spices and culinary herbs, whether fresh or dried, is very diverse all year round. Many herbs and spices originate from India, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. However, the conditions for the growth of many aromatic plants in our region are also very good, resulting in high quality and yields.

The adherence to strict regulations is absolutely essential with these sensitive crops. Spices may exhibit various bacteria and are exposed to environmental contaminants such as heavy metals and PAH. Mycotoxins and pesticide residues may be an issue as well as contamination with allergenes or illegal dyes such as Sudan dyes, which may be used in order to intensify the colour of such spices as chilli and paprika powder or to balance loss of colour due to light and age.

To ensure the safety and quality of their products, spice companies utilise the services of an independent laboratory to conduct regular testing.

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